Monday, April 14, 2008

So here is the "Rats!" print.  I had to start over carving which is not something I like to do so I got to know this image very well.   I tried to use MDF and it carved really well but the minute water got on it the surface swelled up.  Perhaps if I had varnished before trying to print I could have avoided it but once it became uneven there was no remedy.  Well, it gave me a chance to refine the image...


ainesse said...

Thanks Lynn - you are nothing short of an absolute sweetheart !!!

I shall download this photo now and your instructions/notes

best wishes


ps I did actually try spraying water from a plant sprayer today to see what affect that gave and it looked quite promising. But this device - if its design /function is aimed at vegetable oil and so forth should work even better - it being a more viscous liquid.

ainesse said...

Oh I have just noticed the rat print - it's quite comical and they look like they are really looking forward to the year to come!!

Oh and would you believe I have just had the same problem where I carved an image on an mdf wood block. I had to wash the surface of it as I had over inked it and then the surface went a bit strange . I read somewhere about coating it in thinned shellac.

Is that what you use or maybe should have used. How annoying to have had to carve it again -- but as you said it gave you the opportunity to rework/refine the image. Now I am going to check out your prints over at Etsy.

Please do let me know about the woodblock. With an already carved image - do you think that one could roll on a coat of eg acrylic hard ground or what would you use.? I imagine one is really endeavoring to just seal the surface. ??

best wishes and once again thanks


blakkbyrd said...

Its nice to see that the print exchange I designed and launched nearly ten years ago is still bringing pleasure.