Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CD Player Trouble

Have you ever done this-put a CD in the player without checking to see if there was already a CD in there?  I didn't know it was so easy to put two in at the same time but I instantly knew I had a problem. Something about the sort of choking, coughing sound it made when I tried to eject the CD.  I searched all over Googledom for a solution and tried some of the suggestions there but the CD opening is impossibly small on the car and needle nose pliers  definitely did not fit in.  As the due date for returning the library's CD got closer  I got more anxious.  Suddenly an idea came!  I found a very thin, very flexible plastic ruler and put a tab of double stick tape on the end of it.  Then I turned the power to the  CD player on but paused it and then carefully inserted the end of the ruler with the double stick tape trying to aim it  above the cd. Then I lifted the near end of the ruler upwards so that the sticky tape would be pressed down on the CD and pushed eject.  Voila!  Out came both CDs unharmed!!   Now back to making Art....

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