Monday, July 28, 2008


I have my 32 Moku Hanga woodblock prints done and will get them in the mail before the deadline--what a 
relief.  Ha ha--unintended pun!   For those non-printmakers, I'll explain.  A woodblock is a relief print, as in the ink is on the flat surface of the print when it is printed.  The negative/non-printing areas are carved away and below the surface.   What a relief!!  


Daniel L. Dew said...

Very cool, now I am totally bummed I didn't join the exchange! Very nice composition and color. Me like lots.

Annie B said...

Nice moku hanga! I like the softness of the colors and the places where the colors overlap.

Lynn said...

Ok, now my head is swelling--compliments from two such inspiring printmakers! Thanks!!